Month: August 2016

I’ve always been interested in computers, technology and automating things. But I have no formal education to prove this, I just play around and learn as I go.

Here’s a little background to my (limited) programming background and how I have begun to progress and where I will go from here. This will likely become a series as I progress further into the world of programming.

The Hosting Minefield

A few words about my quest for the perfect hosting company. Hopefully you can avoid the same mistakes I made.

Back in the 90s

I’ve always been a bit of a geek and loved anything computers and technology. Back in the 90s I always had bits of computer lying around and dabbled a bit in web design. Although this was more html playing than actual web design – do you remember those annoying 90s website mechanics? Graphics chasing the mouse cursor and snow falling down the screen, all very cool to a young geek, but not very pleasing to the user.

So here goes, my first proper blog….

Let’s start with a little introduction to my family and in particular my almost-2-year-old daughter Alexandra.


Alexandra turns 2 at the end of this month and she has come on so much in the past few months. This week she will be graduating from the baby room at nursery and moving up to the ‘Caterpillar’ room.

Mummy says “I’m not ready for my baby to grow up”, but deep down we know that Alexandra is totally ready for the big move. I know I am bias, but she is a very clever little girl and recently she just doesn’t seem as stimulated at nursery as she used to be – probably just because she outgrowing the baby room routine.

Hello, and welcome to my new blog where you will find all sorts – well once I get up and writing!

Expect a very varied range of topics from technology and gadgets to things about my daughter, it’s basically a look into my life along with a few (hopefully) informative articles.


Watch this space!