About me

Joe Lower

Chartham, Canterbury
United Kingdom

Hello my name is Joe and I am a bit of a geek! I have a number of hobbies and interests, including my family, technology, gadgets, canoeing, the outdoors and much much more.

Over the years I have turned my hand to numerous things in both work and recreation and I am often the "go to guy" in the family and local pub when ever someone needs advice or something fixing. I don't claim to know everything, but I certainly know how to work the internet and can often solve peoples issues quickly!

My 'proper job' is at a Paper Mill where I have worked for over 10 years. Having started in accounts I am now Production Planner and Stock Controller, which is great as there are always things to improve and develop and this is what I enjoy. Geeky I know, but I do love a spreadsheet! And I am always looking at ways to simplify and automate tasks using VBA.

Prior to working at The Mill (and alongside in many cases) I have worked in various restaurants, pubs and hotels, I have also worked in a few warehouses and even helped build fairground rides on Saturday mornings!

But now I try to limit my working to just one 'proper job' and a few things that I can do from home or just occasionally. I dabble in ice sculpting via my company Especially Cool and also concentrate on providing websites at an affordable rate to local businesses. I now have quite a profile of websites including: a farm, a pub, various charity websites, a Turkish Villa, a local artist, a fire safety product and much more.

So that's enough about me, what's this blog all about then?

Well, I've been thinking about it for a while - so why not start now.

I often find that I get asked similar questions over and over again, and I also often get asked some strange or unique questions. Some of which I can answer straight away, and some which require a bit of research. It it is questions like this that have prompted me to start a blog.

I wanted to provide a single place where people will be able to come to find a solution to their problems without having to go through all of the research that I sometimes do. I will also write about things that happen in my life that I feel may be of interest.

These topics are likely to vary a lot, but I would guess may include: technology and gadgets, websites, Excel and VBA, device repairs and upgrades, family life - particularly my daughter, and I am sure many other varied subjects.