So here goes, my first proper blog….

Let’s start with a little introduction to my family and in particular my almost-2-year-old daughter Alexandra.


Alexandra turns 2 at the end of this month and she has come on so much in the past few months. This week she will be graduating from the baby room at nursery and moving up to the ‘Caterpillar’ room.

Mummy says “I’m not ready for my baby to grow up”, but deep down we know that Alexandra is totally ready for the big move. I know I am bias, but she is a very clever little girl and recently she just doesn’t seem as stimulated at nursery as she used to be – probably just because she outgrowing the baby room routine.

Alexandra has so much to look forward to in the ‘Caterpillar’ room with free access to pretty much everything the room has to offer:

  • Science area
  • Book corner
  • Construction area
  • Kitchen – complete with mini cooker, washing machine, drawers, cupboards, utensil, pots, pans and everything else you could imagine in a real kitchen
  • Water play area
  • Garden on fair weather days – which includes a mud-kitchen
  • And all her friends that have already made the move

I am sure we will be picking up a very worn out and often messy little lady each evening.

Entertaining an Almost-2-Year-Old

To try and bridge the temporary intellectual gap between the two rooms we are trying to come up with some great, fun things for her to do at home during evenings, weekends and Wednesdays (Mummy has Wednesdays off work).

Whilst playing in the garden is great for running off excess energy, it just doesn’t always tick the learning box.

As modern parents, we can often come up with fun activities for both inside and outside the home. Mummy does a lot of cooking, baking, painting and drawing with Alexandra and I spend a lot of time outside with her exploring the garden, playing in my kayak and dressing up in my paddling gear. She is also starting to understand and enjoy hunting for Geocaches.

Duck Toast?

I'm Ready...

Hello Bear!

But sometimes you need a little external help, and the internet is an amazing source for this, particularly social media and blogs. Two blogs that I can certainly recommend to parents are:

  • View From A Daddy – a brilliant blog that does what it says on the tin. I often get ideas from here and as it is from a Daddy perspective I can really relate. I have also found some good book recommendations here in their book club.
  • Harrogate Mama – another good read with many great ideas and book recommendations. The Harrogate Mama blog I first saw was a top 5 books blog and though the article said for 3-year-olds, I order all 5 straight away. Oi Frog! Was a massive hit.

Family Days Out

We love days out as a family and from pretty much the beginning we have frequently taken Alexandra to the local animal parks. Although the initial outlay of family passes can be quite expensive, they are well worth it!

We tend to alternate/overlap annual passes to Howletts, Wingham Wildlife Park and Wildwood. All of which are brilliant in their own way – it’s just good to spread the support and have a change of scenery every now and then. And after the initial spend the days out are completely free (excluding food/drink/gift shop purchases).

We are also blessed that we live in a lovely part of the country and we don’t need to travel far for a nice walk to feed the ducks – this is always a highlight for Alexandra and she loves to feed them ‘duck toast’ at the river in Chartham or at Conningbrook Lakes.


Well that’s about it for my first blog – I hope you enjoyed?

I wonder what I’ll write about next?!



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