A quick blog….

Ok, so here goes…. a long overdue quick blog that unfortunately is going to remain unedited because, as the title suggests – “There just isn’t enough hours in the day!”

Feel free to skip to “How do you organise your life??” if you don’t want to read about ‘how busy and hard my life is’ – I promise this wasn’t my intention! I am not moaning, I am just after some feedback on how you manage a large workload.

No time? So why waste time writing a blog??

Yeah, I probably am wasting some time here. But my main aim is to get some advice – I am hoping that there may be others reading this that have found themselves in a similar situation and may have some advice – please do comment below or send me a tweet, LinkedIn or something…

My predicament…

I just don’t have enough time! I always have a project going on, both at work, in freelancing and in personal life and I often wonder how I manage to remember everything that I need to do. The truth is….. I probably don’t!

At the time of writing this these are  my current projects (I think – there may be more);

  • My proper job (this alone keeps me busy! – but only til 5!);
    • I’m a production planner and stock controller at a Paper Mill – I love my job as it is very diverse and continual improvement and development is at the forefront, so it is forever challenging and interesting. Geeky Iknow, but I do love it!
    • But… I am transitioning into a new role – Systems Analyst. We, as a company, manage all IT systems, servers, databases etc in-house and most of our shopfloor programs are developed by our current systems analyst. He is due to retire very soon and I am stepping into his shoes. This is a massive step for me with lots of learning, and external courses (Database administration, Database Development, T-SQL, Delphi the list is seemingly endless!) I’m off to FireBrand again in November for another intensive week Microsoft course!
    • Training for my old/current role – as I say it is a continually developing role. But now I have to teach someone else what I do. And to be honest, I don’t even know what each day will bring!
  • The family business (Safe Connect);
    • Have you heard about The Hot Connection Indicator? If you aren’t an electrician (or spoken to me in the last year)… then probably not. But I’m not going to go into it in detail – read for your self here In short… this is an amazing invention that could save lives and stop electrical fires and it was invented by my father-in-law. And I manage the website, social media and promote awareness and ultimately try to increase sales.
    • We have a new product coming out very soon. Aim launch date is just 2 weeks away (Aggghh – not long!!) and it is aimed at EVERYONE, not just electricians! Keep your eyes peeled!
    • Ask me questions about the HCI, if you wish…
  • Private/freelance work. I struggle to walk into the pub without being asked to fix something, give advice or build a website…  Here is a list of my current tasks ( some almost done, some ongoing, some newltyadded);
    • WEBSITE – sports massage therapist – MotionAid
    • WEBSITE – 3D Sculptor – GHaselup
    • WEBSITE – Christmas trees – KentChristmasTrees
    • WEBSITE – personal trainer – JamesOsheaFitness
    • WEBSITE – the aforementioned brand new Safe Connect product – SafeConnect
    • VIDEO EDITING – My mate managed to persuade me to video his sister’s wedding. I have actually just finished this last week… the resulting DVDs we not too bad, even if I say so myself!
    • EXCEL – Development for a telecare firm. This is ongoing, but I love playing with Excel and VBA!
    • LAPTOP Upgrade/clean – “my laptop is slow” I cleaned it up and installed an SSD. Now it is better than new! (ticked this task off yesterday)
    • COMPUTER clean up – I am yet to see the specs of this, but it will probably be the standard clean install and set up (maybe with recommendations of upgrade). I’m picking it up tomorrow.
  • and Last, but by absolutely no means least – My beautiful family! My wife and two daughters;
    • Kirsty – my wife, best friend and soul mate! No explanation needed, I love spending time with her and always aim put her first!
    • my daughters, an extremely close second to Kirsty and definitely one of my main motivations. I just want to be there for their development and growing up.
      • Alexandra – She turned 4 just a couple of weeks ago (31st August) and has started BIG school as the absolute youngest in the year!
      • Emmeline – our new one, at just 3-month-old we want to give her the exact same devotion and dedication that we gave to her big sister
  • Oh, and there is the usual “being a grown-up” stuff – cleaning, cutting the grass, going to the pub 😉 etc
  • And there may be some other stuff – but that is the point of this blog!

Sorry if it sounds like I am moaning/boasting/blowing my own trumpet/playing a tiny violin/*insert gripe here/etc, but here is my point……..

How do YOU organise YOUR life??

I have been on the lookout for a decent ‘Task Manager’ app. My initial findings that have impressed/come close to what I want:

There are others that I have read about too, but I have only sampled these few and I have invested most time into ToDoist. But, I feel that the free version is laking what I fully need and I may need to go premium.

ToDoist almost does what I need, but still seems very ‘manual’ – maybe it is because I am on the free version, or maybe I am just looking/hoping for too much automation!? (I am a VBA-kid after all!)

So…. back to my point – What do you use (if any?) how do you organise your hectic life?!

Have you tried any of the above?

Do you use any of the above?

Can you recommend something different?

Yes, I probably wasted some time writing this, but hey ho, I look forward to your views

Thanks in advance…






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