Tag: Technology

I’ve always been interested in computers, technology and automating things. But I have no formal education to prove this, I just play around and learn as I go.

Here’s a little background to my (limited) programming background and how I have begun to progress and where I will go from here. This will likely become a series as I progress further into the world of programming.

The Hosting Minefield

A few words about my quest for the perfect hosting company. Hopefully you can avoid the same mistakes I made.

Back in the 90s

I’ve always been a bit of a geek and loved anything computers and technology. Back in the 90s I always had bits of computer lying around and dabbled a bit in web design. Although this was more html playing than actual web design – do you remember those annoying 90s website mechanics? Graphics chasing the mouse cursor and snow falling down the screen, all very cool to a young geek, but not very pleasing to the user.